About Us

Trgosped Trans from Veles, almost two decades is one of the leading company for transportation in Macedonia, which is successfully handling all the challenges that are coming with this business in the region. Almost 100% from the trucks are Volvo Trucks.

The company first started working in 1990 as company for building materials, and choose the transportation to be made with own vehicles.

In 1994 are bought the first used trucks, but the most important year for this company is 1998 when we bought 9 used Volvo FH12 trucks with EURO 2 engines, trucks that we still use even though they have high millage.

In 2001 we bought 4 more Volvo truck with Euro 2 and Euro 3 engines which we also still use in Trgosped Trans.

In 2006 we decided to expand our business to Bulgaria so we opened our sister company there, Toshe 2001, so we can have a bigger impact of our services for the European market.

In the next year we bought 14 Volvo trucks and till today we have a total of 50 trucks in that company.

Even there was an economic crises in Europe, our company in 2013 has expanded and bought 12 new trucks with EURO 5 engines and in 2014 we bought 9 more new trucks with EURO 6 engines.


1990 – the company first started working as a company for building materials.

1994 – our company expanded its services to include transportation services

1998 – we bought first 9 Volvo trucks

2006 – we expanded our bussines to Bulgaria

A total of 79 trucks are part of our company.

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