The main business that is handled by Trgosped Trans is international transportation. Our company owns up-to-date trucks for any kind of cargo (paletised, unpaletised, transpord of hazard materials etc.)

Following up to the daily world trends and new IT solutions we invested in equiping our trucks with modern GPS devices which are used for 24-hour tracking of our vehicles so we can have precise calcuations for our clients about their cargo. With this we strive to be fast, reliable and responsible.

The services that we offer at Trgosped Trans are here so we can have a proffesional cooperation with our clients, and the include:

-          Transport lines to all major countries in Europe;

-          24-hour GPS tracking of our vehicles;

-          Transportation of hazard materials;

-          Total insurance of the cargo;

-          Professional communication with our clients;

-          Fast and reliable transportation;

All you have to do is contact us and devote your trust in us so we can transport your cargo in any location and everything else is our job. We guarantee complete safe and on-time transport.

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